Customer Relationship Management

Interactive’s customer relationship management module eases workload and builds loyalty

Interactive’s customer relationship management software gives advisors the power to transition seamlessly between a client’s personal information and account data, a benefit unavailable with standalone CRM modules. Features available include practice intelligence, client and advisor access, practice management and compliance support. Using state-of-the-art functionality, you can:

  • Generate up-to-date financial summaries and cash flow reports
  • View comprehensive client information
  • Create client holding reports
  • Communicate quickly about changing market conditions
  • Print or export customizable lists for detailed analysis
  • Manage and share client documents and presentations securely
  • Create secure and personalized site for client and advisor access
  • Set alerts and alarms for virtually any situation
  • Manage and automate office workflow and business processes
  • Manage advisors through tiered reporting
  • Maintain compliance with secure document storage

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