Firm Management: Dashboards

Real-Time, Easy to Read Interface

IAS’ dashboards bring key metrics to light, helping a firm’s leadership with daily management while supporting the advisors’ management of their clients’ portfolios. The dashboards grant the ability to access information in a single area, eliminating the need to navigate deeper within the system. The individual dashboard widgets support adding, removing, and filtering to provide the most useful arrangement for your firm.

Support Decision Making

  • Faster Firm Issue Resolution
  • Better Client Management and Support
  • Seamless Integration with TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • Superior Time Management
  • Firm Performance Monitoring

Running your Firm Effectively and Efficiently

By providing highly visible and customizable widgets, the IAS team grants you the means to lift the most valuable information to the surface. Our goal is to give you easy access, valuable indicators, and simple details to help you run your firm and make informed decisions at a glance. Settings will allow firms to modify widgets to expose the level of information required. Multiple dashboards can be added to provide different types of information, for example; Firm, Advisor, and Clients.



Asset Monitor
Used to view firm metrics; advisors will have the ability to label assets as AUM, AUA, or None which will then render in the widget metrics. There is an additional ability to filter by financial planner, client business contact, client, account ownership, and account. The data can then be displayed by financial planner/reps, clients, asset allocation models, account types, product types, and holdings.

Calendar with Appointments
Used to view and manage appointments; add, modify, and delete as needed. The appointments displayed will update based on the day(s) selected. Indicators can be turned on to show which days have appointments scheduled.

Financial Institution Assets
Used to display a configurable list of assets (including cash) in households, grouped by financial institution. The list is further refined to brokerage and bank/cash account value in households with at least $500,000.00.

Financial Indexes
Used to view DOW, S&P 500, and Nasdaq stock market charts with customizable navigation or default Yahoo! Finance Navigation. Quotes can also be generated and launch the navigation site of your choosing.

Used to generate a list of tasks which are due, overdue, or will be due in the future. The task list is color coded by priority and due date. The ability is given to add, edit, and delete tasks.

Top Clients
A list of households whose status is active, ranked by a total of investment assets and cash.

Veo Platform Integration: Accounts
Real-time access to your Veo accounts and holdings, and more.

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