Portfolio Management

Interactive’s portfolio management module puts powerful analytical tools at your fingertips

Offering the wealth management industry’s broadest range of features for analysis, compliance, asset allocation, reporting and presentation, Interactive’s portfolio management capabilities can help you manage mutual funds, equities, fixed income, mortgage-backed securities and alternative investments – including partnerships and real estate. Through seamless integration with financial institutions, and your own financial planning programs, you can:

  • Download data automatically from hundreds of sources
  • Aggregate account positions from unmanaged sources
  • Store historical prices, distributions and performance histories
  • Calculate daily Time-Weighted Returns (TWR) and Internal Rate of Returns (IRR)
  • Produce composite portfolio reports for any period or portfolio group
  • Produce accurate after-tax portfolio returns
  • Handle cash distributions with tax implications
  • Maintain accrual accounting for dividends/interests
  • Generate Monte Carlo comparisons for each financial goal

Sample Portfolio Management Reports

Our Portfolio Management module offers a multitude of portfolio reports. Reports can be segregated by account, portfolio, household, asset class or investment category. Examples can be found in our Sample Portfolio Reports.

Interactive’s fee billing capabilities feature multiple calculation methodologies and frequency to accommodate a wide range or fee schedules.  The fee calculations are able to be sent to a custodian for processing and reporting to clients via the client portal.

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